Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, And attend to your herds - Proverbs 27: 23
Membership Module
The membership module provides detailed and strategic information relating to membership, visitors, families, and corporate attendance of the church.

Membership Intelligence report

Provides an extremely detailed, highly useful and strategic information about church members. It helps you to know who your members really as far as their spiritual, mental, and physical states are concerned and how you as the shepherd can help them develop their potentials and make them relevant to the kingdom as well as winners in this life.

As a pastor, the membership intelligence report gives you gives you critical information about the spiritual status, career and profession of your members, which helps in strategic planning and optimization of the human resources that is committed into your hands by God.

Membership Management

This module is designed to collect and manage detailed information of church members. By collecting important details like the date they joined the church, birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the different assimilation stages of the church members, the pastor will know the church members well individually and relate at the right level of emotional connection. This means pastor-members relationship will be enhanced necessary counselling and follow-up activities will be quickly identified and implemented
Membership Communication

This module provides a fast and effective tool for communicating with members via emails, and integrated SMS. Important information ranging from special programmes, sermon notes, sermon links, marriage and birth announcements can be created in a message template and sent via the communication module.
Family Information Management

Detailed information relating to individual families as well as direct and indirect relationship between families in the church are carefully managed and monitored by E-shepherd software. With the unique family code generated by E-Shepherd, Multiple family generation as well as multiple extended family relationships can be traced within the church. This ensures that remote influence and invisible authorities can be easily made apparent by looking at the family codes and relationship maintained by E-Shepherd.
Visitors Intelligence and Management Module
This module collects and manage strategic information about visitors and new members of the church.

The Visitors Intelligence Report gives a graphical and numerical analysis of the number of visitors that attended a particular programme of the church and the medium through which they get to know about the programme. This give the church management the ability to identify the medium that is most effective for evangelism and publicity.

The visitor’s management module provides accurate and quick record of visitors and their attendance information. Here, visitors that made more than one visit to any programme of the church can easily be identified using unique identifiers such as phone numbers or email address or both.

This means that prospective members can easily be identified, followed-up and converted to church members with ease. More so, you will know who to follow-up and those to be left alone, thereby avoiding unnecessary waste of time, energy and other resources.

Visitors Communication module keeps up to date information of visitors’ e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers provides easy platform for , invite and other messages to visitors.
The Corporate Attendance Intelligence Report provides accurate information about programmes and services of the church with patterns that can reveal strategic information for church planning and decision making
The Individual Attendance Intelligence Reports tracked both at the service groups and special group levels provide accurate records the number of times and how often a member is absent from church. This means the pastors will have a firsthand information about how regular or irregular members are and this will help to more effectively shepherd the flock by following up with the absentees. It also means that attendance can be used as part of KPI (key performance Indicator) for members in different service groups of the church.
Absence Communication Management enables the relevant officers and Heads of department to send emails or SMS to service group members who are absent in any church service less than 24 hours after such programmes once their name are submitted or checked on the system. This prompt contact, apart from minimizing absenteeism gives members high sense of belonging and self-worth, making them more committed to their departments and the kingdom work.
Assimilation and Discipleship Module
This module is designed to provide a detailed record, structure, process and monitoring for the individual spiritual and mental growth of church members using the development materials provided by the shepherd and ministers of the church members. The objective of the module is to empower the pastor to know the spiritual state of church members and give attention to their development using a tool that ensure accuracy, objectivity, speed and ease in doing so.

The Assimilation and Discipleship Intelligence Report documents the present spiritual status of church members in terms of assimilation and discipleship.  Who are they and where are they on the church’s discipleship and assimilation programme. What development resources and programmes have they consumed? Which one are they yet to go through. How far they from being a sheep or disciple as far the model of the word and the church is concerned.

This modules ensures that you will be able to track the progress of each member because you have an overview of the current spiritual state of the church members and the encouragement strategies that you may need to apply to help individual member grow. It helps in the pastors to know the required resources to make available to move individual members from one stage to the next stage
Accounts Module
E-shepherd accounts module is made of integrated accounting submodules design to facilitate accurate record keeping, of accounting and financial transactions of the church. The submodules covered by E-shepherd includes, church assets register, Church projects accounting, Members tithe account management, Members pledge account management, Church income and expense transactions, treasury collections management and church suppliers management.

Church Assets Register manages basic information about the church tangible assets such as building, Vehicles, Sound equipment and others. The purchase value, useful life, age, salvage value, annual depreciation and book value of the assets are automatically calculated and kept for financial reporting.

Keeping track of the assets of the church is an important task that can save the church management a lot of time and money. The pastors and administrators can tell where the assets are located, how they are used, when they are sold and how much they were sold. This means that the management can easily make expenditure budget and planning for decisions such as disposal or replacement of some assets.
Treasury Collections Management module provides a tool for accurate calculation and accounting for physical collection from all services and programmes of the church. It provides an automated accurate records and analyses the money that comes into the church’s account through cash, cheque, tithes, offerings and pledges. It eliminates errors and enhances accuracy, transparency and accountability.
Members Tithe Management module records individual member’s tithe and the unique tithe id for each member. Give the church management the ability to keep track of the money coming in through tithe, the proportion total church population actively tithing, the average tithe given per unit individual, as well as the ratio of individual tithe to total church tithe. These strategic information helps the pastor in understanding relationship between causes and effectives of members’ sustainable prosperity as well the guide in scriptural empowerment for prosperity for members. Financial planning and budgeting of the church is also highly enhanced by this information.
Members Pledge Management module records members’ pledges towards church projects, number of times each member have paid, and the total payment amount. This means the church management will be able to monitor the amount pledge by each member, the date payment was made, the progress made towards fulfilling their pledge and the summation of members’ pledges. Also, this sound record and the update receipt issued to members will motivate people to give more towards the projects
Church Income Transactions Management module records income from assets, members, sales, projects and pledge income. It shows the income category and the sources. These detailed and accurate record and categorization of church incomes enables the church management to identify the key sources of income and effectively manage them while working hard to strengthen weaker sources or categories of income. Strategic financial planning and budgeting will be highly enhances after patterns of these key information have developed over a period of 2 to 3 years.
Church Expense Transactions Management module accurately records the expenses made by the Church showing the expense category, amount, type of transaction, date, and description. It helps the church to manage expense her and promotes transparency and accountability. The little foxes that often cause greater damage are easily identified and minimized appropriately.
Church Project Account Management module accurately record details of financial transactions on church project and helps project management. Various Projects can be adequately managed by having an overview of total financial cost of the project, duration of project completion, sources of funds required for the project (Pledges, bank loans, donations). This will reduce stress and help to manage risk as well as make effective strategic plans.
Service Group Module
The service  group module  manages as well as provide strategic information about all the members of the church that are members of function units called departments as well as those in demographic groups  such as youth fellowship , couples fellowship or   men’s fellowship.

The service group intelligence module   provides information relating to involvement, commitment, of the different functional and demographic groups in the church and that of the members. The church management can easily see at a glance the departments that attract more members than the others and bring balance to membership distribution by encouraging members to join the important but less populated groups.
The service group management module manages and provides information for evaluation of service group members based on several key parameters such as punctuality, Christ-likeness, submission to group leadership etc.  This means that pastors will have detailed evaluation report of all members in the service groups. Emotions and sentiment in giving recommendations to Members when required will be reduced. Also, rewards and recognition can be given to outstanding members based on objectivity.