Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, And attend to your herds - Proverbs 27: 23
1.  Question: What are the key features and benefits of E-Shepherd?
Answer: click on this link Product features To read up the about the benefits or click here to view the summary online demo

2. Question: What is the key difference between E-Shepherd and other church management software?
a) It is designed to focus on empowering and supporting the pastor in the discharge of pastoring responsibilities rather than focusing solely on church operations or accounting.
b)It is specially designed to provide strategic intelligence information for discipleship and assimilation of members rather than undifferentiated relationship with members.

3. Question: Is E-Shepherd a SAAS (Software As a Service) Application?
Answer: While E-Shepherd is a browser-based and internet-ready application, it is not sold as a SAAS application. It sold as a fully owned software that can be deployed or hosted on a private server in-house, private webserver of your website, or a private server that we can provide for you based on your preference. The software is paid for once and ownership of the version paid for is total.

4. How long does it take to fully implement E-Shepherd?
Answer: E-Shepherd is very detailed and highly adaptable church management software with several modules. Since it sold based on modules and different churches select different modules of interest it not easy to say exactly how long it will take to implement. However, based on experience, it takes between 3 -12 weeks to implement the software based on the modules purchased.

5. What type of technical support is available for E-Shepherd?
Answer: We provide high quality remote and physical technical support for all users of E-Shepherd.  All E-Shepherd users receive technical support through email, telephone, video conferencing and on-site consultant visits depending on the nature and complexity of the issue being dealt with.

6. How can we have a demo of E-Shepherd Software?
Answer: an online demo of E-Shepherd can view here Online Demo A request for demo in your church can be made by filling the contact for here Contact for Demo

7. Does E-Shepherd take care of local currencies?
Answer: E-Shepherd takes care of the local Nigerian currency. Can be configured for any African currency if required.